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After reading a post called “Why Writers Today Should Be Accepting More Jobs for Less Money”, I was left feeling a little deflated. I am now an aspiring writer and now I find out that I will not make money from it. Well, thankfully I haven’t started writing to make big money. At least not right now.

I will take your advice on writing. “It doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be done”.

I spent a few hours editing and rewriting the book today. That seemingly unending project does not provide me with any sense of accomplishment. It’s like I’m doing a lot of nothing. So, this is the place to write and writing will be done today.


Earlier, as I sat down to write, my 13yr old daughter came to me with her pile of books and we talked about formal logic for about an hour. Yes, we are learning “Formal Logic”. Before I started home school, I had never heard of studying formal logic.

Somewhere during that hour, Logic and this posting started to dance together in my mind. Maybe I am not a paid writer yet and maybe I am not even a writer by any formal definition yet. But I’m presently studying to become one.

Right now in life, I am homeschooling a 8th and 10th grader and learning their subjects. I am taking care of house hold chores and fiscal budgets. I am going to keep my heart a safe place for my husband. I am mentoring my daughters on what it mean’s to be a woman in Christ. I am chasing after the heart of Christ. I am reading books outside of home school subjects, every night (this is new).

But……. in my extra time, as a hobby, at-least-for-the-next-few-years, I am learning how to be a writer. So… I will write and maybe figure out how to find a writing gig that I can “take less money for”.  Cheers!



  1. Oh, there is definitely money in writing — I hope I didn’t discourage you. The thing is that it just takes time to get the good writing jobs, and in the meantime, accept even the low paying jobs. Keep writing!

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    • Thank you for taking the time to reply. 🙂 I am not discouraged! I was at a pivotal point in my own thinking yesterday. I am at a place where I need to be okay with my present progress. I’m only a few months into focusing on my writing skills and I’m used to achievement/monetary progress. Your post was what I needed to read. It’s good to read ‘hard’ things. So please keep posting!!!!! I’m in the process of fleshing out this dream and this is part of it. Your posting actually made me want to look for a ‘paying’ writing gig and I will. Your posting also made me think about why I’m writing and it’s because I have words. So it’s good. Sorry if my words came across as not appreciating a growth piece!

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