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It Snowed Through The Night



Walking Dogs @ PPHS in April 2015




IMG_9631It’s been a busy few weeks with homeschool and family. I haven’t had the extra creative over flow lately, so my blog has been neglected. After receiving a few rejections and suggestions about my ‘book’, I just lost heart. These rejections of voice and suggestions of a few more hundred hours of work made me feel inadequate to even write my own name. I slipped into a bad case of small heart syndrome. But this is just a season and this too shall pass.

Winter is being pushed out by the spring time weather. It’s been beautiful and I have not wanted to sit behind this computer. The ground has been birthing new plants and we are learning about the character of this new property. I’m told it’s very lovely in the summer time.

Then again, it’s spring time in the Rockies.

I’ve been watching a Tulip plant sprout leaves and a red flower was beginning to push up into bloom. The bunnies must have been watching it too. The bloom was gone this morning. The sun didn’t shine and the Tulip’s wounds were dressed in snow. My excited anticipation of seeing this Tulip bloom are chewed away and frozen.



Just Hanging Around


My Jeans, My Love


I wore my favorite jeans today as I worked in the garden. I’d prefer them over most any other piece of clothing. I wear them all the time.

My love for my jeans could no longer be contained. It busted clean out. The new vent is in the shape of a heart.

Alas, they love me back.