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Walking Dogs @ PPHS in April 2015



#7 Foster Kitty Family – March/April 2015

We were doing our Thursday evening dog walking shift at the Humane Society and we ran into the wonderful lady that runs the fostering program in the hallway. She said that there was a family of kittens that she’d love to send home with us. She was worried about these kittens because they were not wanting to eat. Healthy kittens ALWAYS eat.

They are all eating this morning! Yay!

This little family of 5 was found in a homeowners crawl space. The homeowner scooped up this litter and brought them in… minus momma cat. Momma cat was probably out grabbing a snack and came back to an empty spot. 😦 She was not caught and spayed so she will most likely have another litter soon.

If you know of any stray cats or of any wild cat colonies, check into your local TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) services. The Humane Society here has a great program and many dedicated volunteers that help staff the efforts. According to what the Humane Society teaches in their volunteer orientation classes, the TNR program is much more effective for controlling the stray population than a kill program.

You can read more about the TNR program if you click here.FullSizeRender

The Big Day – For Pistachio – Semi Fictional Short

According to my chart, I was born behind some convenience store dumpster. When my Momma’s owners found out she was pregnant, they dumped her off. I wonder if they even slowed down their car when they booted her out. Can you imagine what kind of owner dumps a pregnant momma off in the snow when temperatures have fallen blow zero degrees? There was a pizza box left out and my momma had us there. The store owner found us there and called to have us picked up.

A man came to pick us up. My momma was too tired to even protest. My 2 sisters and 1 brother were too small to even open our eyes on that day but we could hear them talking. The store owner didn’t have the heart to leave us out there in the snow. He kept calling us dumpster babies. I guess I’m a dumpster baby.

The cage that in the van was so warm. The man in the truck picked us all up in one scoop and put all 5 of us on a warm blanket in the cage. The cage door was secured and the man hopped into the driver seat. The engine roared and the truck’s heater kicked on. The warm air blew back over us and it felt so good. I almost fell right to sleep. He turned some knob and the radio came on.

“More snow tonight” said the voice, “the Arctic Vortex shows no sign of leaving.” Then the music came on. Guitars and drums pulsed the warm air. Then his phone played a tune and he turned the knob back off on the radio. The man in the truck pulled over and took the call. His son, Chad, was sick at school and he needed to come pick Chad up.

Chad had been sick a lot this year. The doctors weren’t sure why but his immune system wasn’t working well. He kept getting sick. Thankfully his dad was able to get a job driving this truck. The job wasn’t so bad. Dad would pick up stray animals and check on pets that weren’t being treated well. The job paid for the doctors visits for Chad. The man driving the truck took care of his son and the animals.

I could tell I would like him and he’d like me if he’d just pick me up out of this cage. I could tell he was an animal lover. He was everything that an employee at a Humane Society should be. Taking care of people and animals.

The truck stopped and the man picked up our cage. He brought us into the building. That place was warm too. He smiled and handed us over to the receiving lady. “More dumpster babies,” he said. The receiving lady’s face dropped it’s smile and she took my momma out of her cage. She hugged my momma and some tears fell from her eyes. “I hate it when this happens and it happens all the time,” she said. The receiving lady put my momma back in our cage and pet us all. Her tears kept falling on our heads.

We were checked into the computer and transferred into a new cage. It was warm and there was food for my momma. I can’t even eat food yet. My momma left us to explore the litter box and to get some water. There was more milk to give us this time when she laid back down. She was full for the first time since I’ve been born.

We hung out in that cage for about a week. The people kept coming in to check on us and gave us more food. I opened my eyes and started eating that wet food in the cage. It was so warm and the blanket was so cozy. It was better than when we lived behind the dumpster.

One of the workers took us out of our cage and put us into a big pet carrier. The worker had curly blonde hair and big caring eyes. She had visited us often while we lived there in that cage. The worker picked us up and took us out into a room where a woman and two red heads were sitting. When they saw the cage, they came to us and opened the cage. The kept smiling and kissing us. Didn’t they know we were dumpster babies.

The woman and her two red heads signed for us and got supplies from the curly blonde lady. She said she’d see us back in a week for a check up. The woman and her two red heads packed us up in their car and took to their home. It was warm.

They kept hugging and petting me. The woman keeps telling everyone that the one with the green collar is her favorite. That is me. I love her too. She is warm and she sits at her computer a lot. I like to sleep on her lap. She is so warm. When she calls me, I waste no time. I’m there. The two red heads loved us too. They hold us and pamper us. They kiss us all the time maybe more than the woman. The two red heads clean up our messes. We make lots of messes all 5 of us. The woman’s husband feeds us in the morning before he goes to work. Me and my family like sitting with him while he watches TV in the evening.

They call us “Fosters” so I guess they didn’t hear the store owner who called us “Dumpster babies.” I like Fosters better anyways. I hope the store owner won’t get mad that woman and her family changed our names.

I’ve been eating so much food and playing with brother and sisters. My momma even likes to play with us. She loves to chase the toys around but she doesn’t like climbing up the curtains like I do. We’ve all grown a lot. I now weigh over two pounds.

We went to a check up yesterday and they say we are ready. The woman and her two red heads are going to bring us back to the woman with curly blonde hair. She says it’s time we find our forever home. We are going to be neutered or spayed tomorrow and this weekend we get to go to the mall. That’s were someone is going to adopt us. YAY! Saturday will be the Big Day!


Volunteering as a Family of ‘Dog Walkers’

Serving others is a skill and life passion that I want to pass on to my daughters. What better way to do that than volunteering as a family. We (myself, husband, & 2 daughters) have taken a late shift to walk dogs so that my husband can join us after he gets off work. On average, we walk about a mile and a half total. Generally we walk a hand full of dogs in the winter and three hands full of dogs in the summer per shift. We get to spend around 15minutes with each walk.

We’ve walked Chihuahuas, Pit Bulls, Huskies, Cattle Dogs, Great Danes, Labs, Yorkies, Poodles, and a mix of muts. Sometimes they have 3 legs and some times they have 4. We love most all of them. Some of the dogs don’t like to interact much and enjoy their walks out side quietly. Some dogs like a mix of walking and off-the-leash time playing. Some dogs refuse to walk and enjoy being held as we walk. Most dogs have a personality that make us smile. We’ve been bit, scratched, and slobbered on. I will also mention that one dog who humped everything. We couldn’t count how much poo we’ve scooped. We commonly use phrases like, “likes to chew on balls” (Tennis balls of course) or “another 100+ pound lap dog”.

Some dogs are so sweet that they are hard to leave there, but those dogs are usually adopted before we return on another shift. I love it when our walks are interrupted when people have an appointment to visit the animals. It’s always good to introduce the dogs to the families first before they are adopted. We’ve met dogs that don’t like my husband probably because he is a big man. Some dogs don’t like me and prefer the girls. With any dog you meet, you just never know.

Last but not least, we get to watch the sun set behind the mountains. Pikes Peak is always a joy to see, well if clouds are not covering it.

My call to action for you today is to get out and serve. If you don’t feel blessed, bless someone/something else. Be the blessing!

IMG_3995 IMG_3997

#6 Foster Kitty Family – February 2015

February’s foster family was turned into the Humane Society by a worried citizen that found them behind a dumpster. They are ALL SUPER loving and the kitties sleep on us humans. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were given up by an owner that could not care for them. This is not wrong. No. I’d rather any story and cats being ‘given up’ to the humane society than the ‘dumping of pets’ possibility. It’s cold here! There’s lots of traffic. Who knows what could happen to kitties borne to mommas that have been ‘dumped’. I just wish I could promise that every cat that is adopted would be promised a decent life. I will now step off my soap box….

Anyways, I’m loving this family. When we sit down, a kitten or 2 will use us as a pillow. I’ve not run across a more ‘hug’ needy bunch of kittens.

FullSizeRender IMG_4018

#5 Foster Kitty Family – December 2014

December’s family was handed over to us from another foster family. They could only help a few weeks and we could help a few weeks. It worked out great. There was an awesome Momma with 3 kittens. That momma cat was the cleanest and most caring momma we’ve cared for. This family was the hardest family to give back to the humane society to adopt out. I did almost drive over to adopt them when they were on display.

These cats enjoyed the Christmas Décor in every sense of the word enjoy. They climbed on it, took it down, rearranged it, chewed on it, and jumped off of it. We enjoyed how the tree would change every day and sometimes we’d see little heads pop through. Momma was just as loving as her babies. I thought about keeping her to help raise other kitties, but we usually get batches with mommas already included. Great family. I hope they went to loving homes!

 IMG_9209  IMG_9190 IMG_9200 IMG_9100 IMG_9097 IMG_9070

#4 Foster Kitty Family – October 2014

Our October guests were saved out of a Hoarding case. Many of the felines saved from that home could not be adopted out because of FIV. Because of the Hoarding person, many of those cats had to be euthanized. My plea is if you can not physically, mentally, or financially care for pets/animals….. take them to a Humane Society or other rescue type place. Give them a chance.

These poor babies didn’t know how to walk on carpet when we brought them home. I had to clip the tips of their nails so they could walk a few steps before getting stuck. The Siamese kitten instantly took to being held and kept me warm as I worked on my laptop. The gray kitten was a bit awkward. She suffered with parasites and a congenital eye problem. She was a hot mess. The gray kitten tolerated being pet and preferred her alone time. I’ve heard from the Humane Society that they both found good homes.

IMG_3662 IMG_3659 IMG_3653 10631173_10152870762504448_3223888701105664878_o

Proverbs 12


Gems like this are like tiny morsels that sink into my being!

We step very slowly through the bible each morning and discuss what we read. When I say slow, I mean slow. It took us 3 YEARS to read Joshua though 2 Kings.

So the words sit in our hearts and brains before we move on. This morning we listened to and discussed Proverbs 12. Wow. Did you know that Proverbs reads like Pinterest Posts? So many one or two-line bits of wisdom composed into chapters. If you are a person that likes to put words over photos, look for inspiration in Proverbs.

This morning, we found a gem that speaks to us as a family. We foster kittens/mommas and I LOVE doing this. Right now 2 kittens are sleeping on my lap. Their paws hug my arms.

I never knew what the bible said about caring for these animals. Now I know the bible calls this ‘righteous’.

Proverbs 12:10 – The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

#3 Foster Kitty Family – Aug/Sep 2014

We arrived home after a nice long visit with family that lived out of state. I shot the Humane Society an email and told them that we were ready foster. They asked if we’d be interested in a bigger family than we had fostered before and with much excitement we said yes. There were 8 kitties and 1 momma in this bunch. Needless to say, we were on kitty clean up 24 hours a day until we got smart enough to put them in a room during the night. They got into everything and climbed everything. Each one of these babies was adopted out to a family. 🙂


16029_10152744639989448_1526794682682989766_n 1902737_10152744640234448_8018539131728422472_n 10404495_10152744641554448_2590426520690841489_n  10653628_10152744641624448_7394119305743731929_n 10628219_10152744641499448_8769423228535321983_n 10600618_10152744640804448_12635213118171396_n 10533435_10152744641699448_5717316412046846316_n 10513246_10152744640464448_1388276707299413136_nIMG_8626 IMG_8814

#2 Foster Kitty Family – July 2014

#2 foster family came to our home with their momma. We only had a few weeks in between travels so this family didn’t stay long. The momma cat was sweet and took good care of her babies. Each one of these babies was adopted out.


#1 Foster Kitty Family – June/July 2014

We got our first kitty fosters in June/July 2014. We had no idea what we were getting into, but it turned out to get a great experience! The Manx kitties were about 4 weeks old and we got 2 girls and 1 boy. The 2 girls were short-tailed or no tailed and the boy had a full tail. Unfortunately, 1 of the little girls had a bad spinal birth defect that was not allowing her to grow and probably caused a lot of pain. She suffered from Mega Colon for a short time before she was allowed not to suffer any more. Her older brother and sister grew up to be strong and healthy kitties that were quickly adopted into their forever home once they were old enough.

  2 othersapril

Foster Animal Volunteers

B oldWe are a volunteer family at the Pikes Peak Humane Society here in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2014, my girls and I volunteered almost 300 hours. My husband joined in with our volunteering effort later in the year had her volunteered around 150 hours. We’ve played with many cats and dogs at the Humane Society building, but we most enjoy the time we get to care for kitties in our home.  We have come to love each kitty and accompanying momma cat. We will up date this page with each foster family visit.

The Pikes Peak Humane Society in Colorado Springs, CO asks for people to volunteer their homes for a short period of time to act as foster care providers for animals. We happen to help with kitties that are too young to adopt out. By having the under aged kitties in our home, we are helping them to become ‘socialized’ with people and to be better pets. The first 8 weeks of a kitty’s life with humans has a huge impact on how the cats will react with people for the rest of their lives.